California Girl brings Sunny Skies to the Twin Cities!

Stephanie bundled up for an exciting trip to Minneapolis for agency meet-ups, portfolio shows, and an eventful evening at AtEdge‘s Face2Face. She soaked up the gorgeous autumn vibes and downed enough delicious coffee to keep her nice and toasty despite the chill in the air. Kevin Arnold made the trip down from Canada to join in the fun and charmed many peeps with both work and hilarious stories of life on the farm.

We knocked ’em dead at Knock, peered into Periscope’s amazing offices, and monopolized a few laughs at Mono. (We just can’t help ourselves with the cheesy puns!) Great connections were made at Olson, Martin Williams, Carmichael Lynch, and BBDO too — but we ran of puns for them. 😉

Thanks to all who made time for us, and a big thanks to whoever remembered to turn up the sunshine and make this California girl feel right at home.