Diana Invokes The Modern Mystics

Diana Zalucky turns inward in her latest personal project The Modern Mystics. In this series, Diana captures spellbinding images of the incredible individuals who have impacted her own journey of growth and self-discovery and pairs them with insightful questions intended to provoke a new way of thinking. Each profile highlights a unique perspective and shows a glimpse into a mystical world that exists within us all…

In her own words, “Throughout my life I have always been drawn to fairytales, fantasy worlds, crystals, healers of all kinds and the wonder and magic of life’s synchronicities. This project is a practice to not only come out to the world as a mystic myself, but to embrace the idea that we are all healers. I believe, now more than ever, we are in a time when everyone desires to connect beyond the surface.”

Visit her blog for even more: http://mmbydz.com/