Diana Zalucky’s Work at Ignited

Diana currently has her picture story, Alaska Sub-Zero Sled Race, showing at the Ignited gallery. We want to thank everyone at Ignited for letting her share her work! Keep reading to learn more about the images and her experience taking them!

“This past January I spent a week with Crazy Dog Kennel, a competitive racing kennel dedicated to the training and rehabilitation of unwanted sled dogs. These particular selects are from the 4 days I spent with legendary musher John Schandelmeir. I was both shooting and helping as a dog handler during the Copper Basin 300, the toughest 300 mile race in Alaska. The Copper Basin is known as a mini Iditarod because it’s a good way for mushers to test the dogs’ endurance. My goal was to document the devotion, hard work and connection this team has with one another and experience a slice of the dog mushing lifestyle.”

More from this series can be viewed here – http://dianazalucky.com/series/alaskas-sub-zero-sled-race/

For Diana’s other work please look here!  http://dianazalucky.com/