H&A Roster Teams up in Vancouver!

While shooting on-location in Vancouver, Patrick and Marlyne Curtet made it a point to stop by Kevin Arnold’s 55- acre ranch and hang with some of the exotic local residents. H&A likes to keep it all in the family. 😉

Much of Kevin’s picturesque photography is inspired by his life on the farm in British Columbia. Far from your ordinary desk job, Kevin escapes the hectic pace of shooting campaign after campaign by getting back to basics. His studio manager Olivia gives an in-depth glimpse into working alongside the myriad of chickens and sheep and alpacas on Kevin’s blog – be sure to check that out here: http://kevinarnoldblog.com/guest-blog-post-a-not-so-normal-office/

Meanwhile, green with envy back at our LA office, we’re considering adopting an alpaca and making it our company mascot. Think that’s legal in LA County?!