Neil DaCosta’s Open Carry Project

In his search for a new personal project to embark on, Neil DaCosta came across a local news article about a man who was often seen walking the streets of his Oregon town with a fully loaded AR15 assault rifle in plain view — and had every legal right to do so. He knew immediately that he’d found a topic worthy of further investigation.

While “Open Carry” laws differ from state to state, in a handful of places it is completely legal to carry a visible loaded gun even without a specific permit — provided that you are legally allowed to own the gun.

Neil wanted to approach the project objectively —  documenting the phenomena without political or personal bias. By traveling to different states in the country, and speaking with those who actively engage in open carrying, he’s able to create portraits that are both revealing and act as a window into an often controversial world.

Open Carry is still a work in progress, and more images will continue to be available on Neil’s site as the project develops. Check those out here: