Above & Beyond with SideStix™

The success of a campaign rides on quite a few variables and from what Kevin Arnold has shared about his shoot for SideStix™, the companies’ determination and collaborative spirit proved to be both infectious and rewarding.  SideStix™ were born out of the necessity to provide an exceptional and versatile assisted mobility device and the company’s drive to succeed is embodied by their Founder, Sara Doherty. Sarah and her partner Kerrith Perreur-Lloyd have provided disabled and and able-bodied athletes with a superior product and the confidence it will conquer anything life throws at you.

 “The owners are obviously very driven and talented, but also incredibly humble. Because of this, and because the creative director trusted in my vision, the project was really a true collaboration…” – Kevin Arnold

Sarah and Kerrith wanted a look and feel inline with their companies beliefs and passion so Kevin and the creative team at Pendo took to the hills of Whistler, BC and produced a campaign that honors the spirit and determination of the founders and SideStix™ alike. Like Kevin, everyone in the office is feeling inspired by Sarah and  the people she has impacted. Bravo Kevin.

Client: SideStix™

Photographer: Kevin Arnold

Agency: Pendo

Creative Director: Peter Ladd