Revisiting the Salton Sea

Patrick Curtet‘s work is enticing, evocative, and emotional. Looking through his library of images is an absolute pleasure as every campaign and series of his tells a story. He has spent years honing this photographic style which showcases his visual storytelling in a succinct and objective way. In his ironic travel brochure, titled “Salton Sea“, he takes us on an objective journey to the current state of things at the once burgeoning Oasis.

During the 1950s the eastern shore of the man-made reservoir had promise in becoming the new vacation destination of choice on the West Coast. However after time, the accidental flooding of this salt flat began to take a turn for the worse. Salinity levels rose to an uninhabitable level killing the fish population and subsequently, preventing sun bathers from escaping the dry desert heat. As the local economy was brought to an abrupt halt, it seems as though everyone packed up and left. Here are a few excerpts from his brochure, which can be viewed in full on his website.