Wolfgang’s Process of Preparation

We have bragged before about the dedication Wolfgang Zac puts into every job he works. Today, we want to share a fun part of how he preps before shoots. We took a little time to ask him more about his process.

Please describe your process when starting your sketches for a gig? When reading the briefing/concept/shot list from the agency I immediately have pictures, perspectives, framings and situations in mind. Then – together with the treatment/director’s interpretation I start to bring them to paper = one combined process.

What materials do you use? I draw with a standard pencil on white paper, then do a scan of the single drawings – and finally add some colors and effects on my computer (with Photoshop).

When did you start and why do you do it? It started with my first film shoot for a huge international tobacco campaign. (It’s more like a storyboard – to give some kind of guidance for everyone who is involved)

Do you do it for every job? If filming is included, yes… and also for some of the bigger photo campaigns – always when it comes to telling more complex stories with the images.